About the Author

      The Earth and the Moon orbit the sun, and the phases of the moon reflect the different sunlit parts of the lunar surface we see from earth. The New Moon begins with the Dark of the Moon when it is eclipsed by the sun Then, as the moon waxes or grows, we see the silvery-looking crescent we call the New Moon. The New Moon crescent marks the beginning of the month in the Hebrew, Islamic, Hindu, and Buddhist calendars. The Dark of the Moon marks the beginning of the Chinese calendar.

     Why do human beings from diverse cultures and beliefs respond symbolically to the New Moon? It represents the new beginning, the new awakening, the new opportunity to create your vision and to set your intention. As you emerge from the residue of the darkness, as you shake off the past and its false beliefs and regrets, you are free to initiate fresh ideas, to plant vibrant seeds for growth and to begin to cultivate the navigation path that will carry you forward to manifest your dreams.

     We all bring to wherever we are whatever we have come to believe based on our personal experience. Since effective change can only take place when we know how we got to believe what we believe, we will begin with an examination of the belief system many of us carry around, created by a combination of climate of opinion and race consciousness. As we know and accept the belief systems that have formed, nurtured, and sustained us, they lose their power. These are the beliefs that have kept us chained to the hamster wheel. As we release the beliefs or attitudes that control us, hold us back or direct us to self-sabotage, we are more free to take advantage of the tools that Universe has provided for us so plentifully, to give metaphysical application to the physical concepts that make things run, to accept cause and effect and to harness action and reaction positively in our life.

           The hamster wheel: A sample list of these beliefs and attitudes
    *We are living a life sentence.
    *Life is a struggle to make ends meet.
     *Man is inherently sinful and evil.
    *We all have our limits
    *Anything easy isn’t worth doing.
    *An open path is out of control.
    *We are not whole unless we have a mate.
    *God keeps score.
    *Success and failure are pure luck.

     Dr. Windsor examines what is keeping us on the wheel, drawing freely upon her personal touchstones from fiction and poetry and the experiences of her students and herself. She confirms her faith that there is a perfect pattern for our experience; that human beings, though frail, susceptible, selfish, and greedy, have an enormous resilience and intuitive impulse toward good; that we can re-invent ourselves and our life in accordance with our chosen vision; that Universe, God, has provided all the tools we need and is just waiting for us to wake up and pay attention.

These seven concepts, seven tools will get us off the hamster wheel:

No Mistakes: Only Opportunities to Discover the Truth

Piano Tops

Big Picture

True Wealth



Great Pirate

     You are invited to participate at your chosen level in self-assessment and analysis in envisioning your perfect life, in determining the steps you will take, and in integrating the tools provided by Universe into your personal arsenal.

If you choose to follow the complete path, to embrace the New Moon Method, you will:


* Discard irrelevancies, Mistakes, and greet challenges proactively.

* Let go of outmoded behavior patterns, Piano Tops.


* Envision your Big Picture and command of your navigational path

* Tap into your True Wealth and accept abundance.


* Use Leverage to do more with less.

* Create Synergy in your families, your relationships, your work.

* Become a Great Pirate and take sovereignty over your life.


     Adrian Windsor holds a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in English Language and Literature from the University of Michigan. An educator and a business woman who heads her own company, Dr. Windsor is the author of Seven Tools to Transform Genius into Practical Power. Her life path has required abrupt changes in navigation, acquisition of new skills, revisions in thinking , and perpetual reinvention. She shares the teachers she has discovered, the lessons she has learned and the tools she has adopted to master the challenge of change in life, work, and relationships.

     Dr. Windsor has served on the faculties of Colorado Women’s College and The University of Colorado at Boulder. She currently teaches online courses for Coastline Community College: The Humanities through the Arts and American Cinema/American Culture. Many of her students are in the military, deployed all over the world. For nine years, she served as the Program Director of the Inside Edge Foundation for Education, booking a speaker a week for Wednesday morning meetings at the University Club of the University of California, Irvine.

     Her business experience is diverse as a stock broker, commodities broker, and real estate broker with the designation: Certified International Property Specialist. She is President of McGregor Wood, LLC. Her work includes Life and Business Coaching. and motivational speaking. For community service, Adrian Windsor is on the Board of Directors of the Newport Beach Public Library Foundation and the University of Michigan Orange County Alumni Association. She chairs the Michigan Professionals business network.